Ristorante Verso

Capodanno Ristorante Verso

Ristorante Verso

We want to dissolve the barriers between dining room and kitchen. Let you experience the creative ferment of those who are at the fires; welcome you in the front row to watch the dance of scents and sounds.

There are no more doors to cross to sit at the chef's table: the counter accompanies your gaze throughout the room to enjoy a different perspective.

Today begins our story. Verso.



Ristorante Verso Piazza Duomo 21 Milano, second Floor

[email protected] Phone. 02.89750929



VERSO il 2023…

Flûte of Dom Pèrignon 2012

Grilled oyster, black chickpeas and almond

Roasted scallops, Custoza Broccoli and white truffle

Raw Veal, Gorizia rose radicchio and pepper

Chestnuts ravioli pasta, chicken consommé and grilled eel

Smoke risotto, chamomile and caviar

Poached Lobster, foie gras and saffron

Clementines, hazelnut and porcini mushrooms

Panettone with eggnog flavored with Passito di Pantelleria Ben Rye

300 € per person

  • New Year's Menu Restaurant Verso Piazza Duomo 21 Milan, second floor --> €300 per person

Ecco 30 secondi di alcune delle canzoni che ascolterai sicuramente durante la serata

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