The Fisher

Capodanno The Fisher

  • Menù ideato con cura dallo Chef Salvatore Compobasso, il quale, prima di lavorare al The Fisher, ha lavorato per importanti brand mondiali nelle cucine di Bulgari Hotels e Mandarin Oriental
  • Locale lussuoso in una tra le più eleganti zone di Milano
  • Originale e di qualità, fuori dagli schemi
  • Selezione della migliore qualità di pesce sul mercato
  • Pesce di altissima qualità
  • Locale di design tra i più belli in assoluto a Milano

NEW YEAR'S EVE 2023 at

The Fisher

At The Fisher, a modern and refined restaurant located in Viale Bianca Maria, one of the most elegant areas of Milan, you will find yourself immersed in a fashionable New Year's Eve worthy of a constantly evolving city, where you can have fun tasting fish-based food for the most refined palates!

The Fisher has made its way among the hundreds of Milanese establishments, distinguishing itself for the quality of the raw material with which the dishes are prepared, for the excellence of the chefs who expertly know how to combine the ingredients to make the most of the combinations and for the sophistication of the environments.

The menu designed for New Year's Eve is curated by Chef Salvatore Campobasso who in his career before working at The Fisher also collected important work experiences in the kitchens of Bulgari Hotels and Mandarin Oriental.

Those who love fish cannot help but want to start the year with us!

For information: +39 02 54 55 141

New Year's menu

The Fisher

Oyster Prestige kiwi and lime

Roasted blue lobster, Comtess zabaglione and raspberry

Scallop, beetroot, caviar and sour cream

Risotto with plankton, oyster and pecorino

Fusillone with chickpeas, red mullet ragout and turnip tops

Cod Pil-Pil with Bok Choy Lemon Potato and Black Truffle

Sgroppino with Galliano

Cotechino, red shrimp, creamy lentils and orange


Panettone with mascarpone cream and chocolate rum sauce



by chef Salvatore Campobasso

  • New Year's Dinner beverage not included 200€

Ecco 30 secondi di alcune delle canzoni che ascolterai sicuramente durante la serata

  • New Year’s Eve Dinner

    Location: The Fisher

    The fee 200€ includes:

    New Year’s Eve Dinner

    Drinks not included

    Location: The Fisher

    New Year’s Eve Dinner