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We are ready to celebrate the New Year's Eve together!

This year we have prepared a rich and tasty menu for you to end 2022 in the best possible way and welcome 2023!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 31 December!



Royal oysters accompanied by a welcome glass of champagne.



Citrus white grouper carpaccio on a bed of dandelion salad and borage flowers accompanied by an emulsion of lime and cucumbers.

Scallops wrapped in raw San Daniele 18 months with guacamole, lime and fried sage.


First courses

Sea bass ravioli and citrus scent with crustacean bisque and fresh broad beans.

Risotto with scampi and sea bass roe accompanied by an imperial scampi.


Second course

Monkfish flavored with lard on cream of purple potatoes and shallots.



Pandoro dome filled with sweet ricotta, covered with bitter chocolate cream.


First snack of 2023 with lentils and cotechino.


Covered Water and coffee included.

Wine not included

  • New Year's Eve Dinner with water and coffee (wine excluded) --> €70 per person
  Reservation required: tel 02 270 808 36

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