Apotheca Milano

Capodanno Apotheca Milano

Apotheca makes us feel the warmth and radiance of our Southern Italy.

New Year's Eve Dinner


Chef Marco's entrée

Cod croquette on Jerusalem artichoke cream

Dry Marinated Norwegian Salmon with Butter Curl

Stewed baby octopus with black polenta

Tuna tartare with avocado and dried orange

Shrimp in kataifi paste Flambè scallops

Carnaroli bisque, porcini mushrooms and Mazara del Vallo red prawn tartare

Potato gnocchi with dried tomatoes, Gaeta olives and octopus

Amberjack fillet

Artichokes with oil, parsley and garlic

Ricotta cake and Decana pears


Cotechino and lentils

Burlesque show


€90 drinks not included

New Year's Eve Dinner --> €90 per person, drinks not included

Ecco 30 secondi di alcune delle canzoni che ascolterai sicuramente durante la serata

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