142 Restaurant

Capodanno 142 Restaurant

Our open kitchen is the beating heart of our restaurant that lights up and warms up 142's evenings.

Here is the 142 party Menù

Veal pate with toasted bread

Creamed cod with polenta chips

Butter bread and Cantabrian anchovies

Octopus, squid and mussel salad with seafood emulsion

Dry marinated salmon with yogurt sauce

Russian salad

Beef silverside with tuna sauce

Scallops on Jerusalem artichoke cream and roast Jerusalem artichokes

Cotechino tortelli with lentil cream

Culurgiones with tomato sauce and Sardinian flower sauce

Stewed cod alla puttanesca with parsley sauce

Fish fillet with cauliflower cream, capers and lemon

Chickpea cream lamb with balsamic marinated onion

Ossobuco on creamed potatoes with buffalo butter

Christams ball: Bavarian hazelnut and orange with creamy white

Mont blanc: Cocoa sponge cake with whipped vanilla ganache, marron glacé and meringue

Mascarpone cream

Dark chocolate mousse and cherries

Ecco 30 secondi di alcune delle canzoni che ascolterai sicuramente durante la serata

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