Osteria del Tac

Capodanno Osteria del Tac

  • Cenone da € 75


The name Osteria Del Tac is inspired by the adventures of the Milanese heels, a film by Felice Pesoli that traces the adventure of the many Apulians who, after World War II, arrived in Milan to change their destiny. "I wanted to tell a story of immigration that went well," says Pesoli, also of Apulian origins. "Because I discovered that some of the greatest representatives of Milan are from Puglia. Celentano, but also "unsuspecting" as Walter Chiari and Enzo Jannacci. And then a writer who told Milan like Carlo Castellaneta, and even the director of Radio Meneghina, Tullio Barbato »



Dinner € 75 with wine Pumo (Primitivo / Chardonnay / Nero d'avola) Dinner € 100 with Champagne 0,75 Lt Vueve Cliquot / Moet 1 for 2 people