NYX Hotel

Capodanno NYX Hotel

  • Cenone da € 85
  • Camere da € 340
  • Dress Code: Elegante
  • Età: Dai 18 anni in sù
  • Musica: 43



Do not miss the chance to spend your New Year 2019 in a modern and captivating location.

The NYX Hotel offers an urban-style setting.

Located a few steps from the Central Station (100 meters from the Green Metro stop of the Central Station), the hotel enjoys a strategic position that allows you to easily reach the most popular places in the city of Milan.

The street art works created by local and international artists give character and color to the interior of the hotel, which almost becomes a small art gallery.

Of particular impact are the graffiti, made with the technique of 3D style. If you wish to admire all the murals, there is a different one for each floor of the hotel!

In order not to miss anything, the NYX is also equipped with a breathtaking view: on the 12th floor the panoramic terrace allows you to appreciate the view of the city skyline.

The New Year's Eve dinner will be taken care of in detail by Matteo Nulli, the Executive Chef of the Clash Restaurant & Bar.

The dinner will start at 20.00 and just after the count down the dances will last until late at night with the District Show.



From an idea born in Milan from the need to fill an empty space in the Hip Hop music scene.

Elusive and irreverent, the show has been treading the most prestigious stages and consoles in Italy for years.

Hip Hop, underground and metropolitan sounds will make you dance until the first light of dawn.

The animation and color of our girls guarantees a dynamic and exclusive show.



Giovanni Ursoleo

nightlife professional, from life and soul to the coolest evenings in Italy and beyond.

He lives and produces in Milan, where he is a permanent protagonist throughout the week in the Top Clubs.

It also artistically manages tours of well-known brands in ShowCase and AfterShow.

With its remarkable presence makes DISTRICT a truly unique party.

Kevin S.

Enthusiasm and charge distinguish it.

Personality showman able to enhance every single moment.

Present constantly in the Nightlife of Northern Italy.

Ideal performer to make the party exclusive.

If you do not want to miss anything for New Year's Eve and think that the location is important, book your evening in this design environment to spend it in company, with music and fun



1. TABLES OF 10 PEOPLE reservations will be combined to form total groups of 10 people, according to certain logical criteria (couples with couples, young people with young people, etc.)




  • DINNER 85 €
  • 2 DINNER + 2 NIGHTS OF OVERNIGHT STAY IN DOUBLE ROOM € 510 (valid for two people)