I love Poke Duomo

Capodanno I love Poke Duomo


Why do we love him so much?


Personalize your bowl to your taste, a unique flavor. Nothing is standard and the only rule is NO RULE. With a selection of white rice, wholemeal or salad.Raw fish protein, chicken / meat, or Tofu. toppingsfresh and sauces that change the tastes of your bowl.


2- Nutritional RockStar

Poke is fresh, tasty and healthy. It is rich in lean proteins, ofOmega 3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, and you canconsider the calories and carbohydrates countedin your bowl based on your rice or salad choices+ condiments. You are the master of your Bowl!


3- Sushi Roll CAN NOT Compete

Explosive flavors and accessible to everyone! A full bowl of Pokefresh fish and crisp vegetables is guaranteed forsatisfy your hunger.


4- Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free

Welcome to the paradise of flavors and choices. You will not have to worry about eating lunch today! Your dietary restrictions will soon turn into healthy tastes and pure satisfaction.


5- Preparation of the Bowl does not take time

Your Bowl is customizable and ready on the spot just make your choices. It's a great alternative to non-optionshealthy fast food. Get a balanced, balanced meal and fast that will give the right tone to your day!

If you are looking for a pinch of Hawaii in Milan .. this is the right place !!

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