Capodanno Giappugliese

Giappugliese is a large location located in the San Vittore area near Piazza Cantore and the Darsena.

The minimal concept offers a one-of-a-kind open kitchen. Furnished with care and attention, it aims to create a pleasant and welcoming environment.

New Year's Eve at Giappugliese


Welcome flûte

Plateau of Giappugliese Cruditè

(Two oysters, a scampi, a red prawn and a sea urchin)


Our All You Can Dream


New Year's Extra Dish: Maftun Chi Scampun

(Paccheri with Royal Scampi)


At midnight: a slice of Panettone +

a Bottle of Prosecco every 4 people


All accompanied by our legendary DJ set!


Cost €80 per person

New Year's Eve Dinner --> €80 per person

Ecco 30 secondi di alcune delle canzoni che ascolterai sicuramente durante la serata

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